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Grafted Adenium  " Harry Potter "
Grafted Adenium " ....

Price: Rp 30.000,-/pohon

New exotic Adenium flower.
This BEST SELLER adenium is happily growing in my garden and a Caudex of about 5 cm dia and 20 cm height.
Easy to bloom and super floweriness.

Grafted Adenium  " Santa Clause "
Grafted Adenium " ....

Price: Rp 30.000,-/pohon

This is a Red petal flower with white border. Just an eye catching flower, a must have item to complete your garden.

Grafted Adenium  " Yellow Pink Silk "
Grafted Adenium " ....

Price: Rp 30.000,-/pohon

The flower is white, yellowish with light pink border on the petals.
Beautifull like silk, super floweriness.

Grafted Adenium - Triple Santa Clause
Grafted Adenium -....

Price: Rp 50.000,-/pohon

A latest generation of Santa Clause. It' s a triple layer flower with deep red color having white border on the petals. Flower diameter 5-7 cm.

Grafted Adenium  " Morodoklo "
Grafted Adenium " ....

Price: Rp 30.000,-/pohon

White is always beautifull. Super floweriness. Best seller.
Your collection is not complete without the existent of this fower.

Grafted Adenium  " Amazing "
Grafted Adenium " ....

Price: Rp 40.000,-/pohon

Double layer with pink line in each petal. It' s a new hybrid of double flower.

Grafted Adenium  " Lavender "
Grafted Adenium " ....

Price: Rp 30.000,-/pohon

This firing red flower is always looks beautifull. Super floweriness and last more than seven days blooming.

Grafted Adenium  " Triple Line Star "
Grafted Adenium " ....

Price: Rp 30.000,-/pohon

Red flower with 3 lines inside of each petal.

Grafted Adenium  " Super Moonlight "
Grafted Adenium " ....

Price: Rp 30.000,-/pohon

This scarlet Adenium is different from the others. The hard red that gradualy
changes to white towards the throat of each petas is the beauty.
A remarkable eye cather.... don' t....

Grafted Adenium  " Daeng Siri "
Grafted Adenium " ....

Price: Rp 30.000,-/pohon

The flower not only is big and round, but also the petals are as soft as feathers. This flower blooms easily.
It is 7-9 cm in diameter.

Grafted Adenium:  " Big Chubbiness "
Grafted Adenium: " ....

Price: Rp 30.000.-/pohon

White with wide red border flower and broad overlapping petals.
It' s floweriness. Flower diameter 7-9 cm.

Grafted Plant  " Day Brake "
Grafted Plant " Day....

Price: Rp 30.000,-/pohon

It' s a dark pink with 5-6 cm flower diameter and has varigated leaves.
Easy to bloom and pets resistanse.

Grafted Adenium  " River Fork "
Grafted Adenium " ....

Price: Rp 30.000,-/pohon

River Fork
A new strain of lined Adenium. Dark red net line with white color back-ground at each petal makes this flower just pretty.
Flower diameter 4-5cm.

Seeds Package;  " Star of Hope "
Seeds Package; " ....

Price: Rp 25.000,-/25seeds

Star of Hope.
This is the newest strain of stripe adenium in Taiwan. Fresh Red lines inside the petals is just the beauty.
Flower diameter 5-6 cm.
Hand pollination - Imported....

Grafted Adenium  " Soft Big Chubbiness "
Grafted Adenium " ....

Price: Rp 30.000/pohon

This flower has soft pink borders on each petals and white color inside.
Looks realy beautifull with the distinction between the two colors, and overlaping of the petals. Flower....

Grafted Adenium  " Silver Star "
Grafted Adenium " ....

Price: Rp 30.000,-/pohon

SILVER STAR - This is a strip flower adenium which is very productive in blooming flower.
The color is so stable.

Seeds Package:  " Adenium Somalense "
Seeds Package: " ....

Price: Rp 25.000,- /paket 25 seeds

Adenium Somalense is originally come from Somalia. It has strong caudex and looks like wood three.
Package Price; Rp 25.000, -/ 25 seeds Shipping cost ; IDR10.000, - Domestic.

Seeds Package:  " Adenium Arabicum "
Seeds Package: " ....

Price: Rp 15.000,- /10 biji

Adenium Arabicum is one of species adenium with a strong appearance of Caudex and roots. Different figure ........ monster like.

Seeds Package:  " Adenium Obesum "
Seeds Package: " ....

Price: Rp 40.000,-/paket 100 biji

Adenium Obesum - commonly they have unique caudex and roots appearance.
People likes this species to be their rootstock because of the unique.
Begining to sprout their first....

Seeds Package  " Thai Soco Golden Crown "
Seeds Package " Thai....

Price: Rp 250.000,-/10 biji

Golden Crown is known as one of the best three excellent Thai Socotranum having best of caudex and stems. It' s stems tend to be horizontal and thick making this type of adenium....

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