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Name:Mr. Sunardi [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Address:Taman Tytyan Indah Blok i.4 No.17
Bekasi 17133, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:Jun. 15, 2005
Last Updated:Jan. 28, 2012
Business Nature:Trade of Agriculture category

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We are a specialist of Adenium Plant in Indonesia providing exotic Adenium Bonsai of all kinds of spicies and hybride.
There are many hybris available in the market not only hybrid from Obesum but also from Arabicum species.
Kao Hin Zon, Golden Crown and Petch Ban Na are the example of Thailand Hybrid Socotranum which are now most wanted by their lovers. Mini Size - a hybrid of Obesum is also one of the new hybrid which is in hot demand.
Indah Adenium Nursery provide them all for your need.

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